How to prevent breakouts and achieve glowing skin

How to prevent breakouts and achieve glowing skin

If you're looking for an easy way to prevent pimples and transform your skin, then you've come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss 4 simple tips that will help keep your skin looking its best.

1- Double Cleanse

Double cleanse is the perfect first step to keeping your skin clear and deeply cleansed. This will help to remove any bacteria or impurities that could contribute to breakouts, clogged pores, or dullness. First, use an oil or balm to lift stubborn makeup, sunscreen, and dirt, you can use our Ipanema Glow Face Oil as a pre cleanse. Then follow with a water-based cleanser to ensure that no acne-causing bacteria or impurities are left on the skin. Our Clear Gel Cleanser and Balancing Gel Cleanser are both great options!

2- Exfoliate Weekly

You should also make sure to exfoliate your skin regularly to help prevent breakouts and achieve smooth, radiant skin. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells that can build up on the surface of the skin and lead to clogged pores. It also promotes cell turnover and can help brighten the skin. We recommend exfoliating one or two times a week using our Purifying Clay Mask.

3- Use the power of key actives ingredients

Key ingredients like retinol, BHA, niacinamide and Bakuchiol can help to prevent breakouts and achieve smooth, clear skin. Retinol helps to speed up cell turnover and can unclog pores. BHA like salicylic acid helps to exfoliate the skin,improve cell turnover and kills bacteria. Niacinamide helps to brighten the skin and reduce inflammation. Bakuchiol is a natural retinol alternative that can help to achieve smooth, clear skin.

Take care of the skin barrier

The skin barrier is the outermost layer of the skin that protects against environmental aggressors. When the skin barrier is damaged, it can lead to dryness, irritation, inflammation and breakouts. Moisturising the skin regularly and using products with calming ingredients can help to soothe and protect the skin barrier. Our Hydraboost B Serum and Ipanema Glow Face are great option for helping to repair the skin barrier.

You glow Girl!!!

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