"Vitamin C15 is the best Vitamin C serum I've ever used! "

Camila Martin

About Bossa Skincare

Bossa Skincare was founded by Dermal Therapist Liv Portugal. After struggling to find a results driven skincare products that were free from nasties and toxic ingredients, Liv decided to create her own line of clean skincare products, using the best key actives based on studies to target skin concerns.

As a skin therapist, Liv knows that most people have concerns about their skin and want accessible, affordable skincare products that are made with natural ingredients. That’s why Bossa is committed to creating quality skincare products that are free from harmful chemicals and available to everyone.

We believe in the power of nature, and our mission is to bring a new trend of clean skincare to the world. Bossa Skincare products are made with natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to be effective. We use the best key actives based on studies to target specific concerns, so you can feel confident knowing that you’re using products that are actually going to work.

Our products are also vegan and cruelty-free, because we believe that skincare should be good for you AND the planet.

The power of antioxidants

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which means it helps to protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause damage to your cells, and they're one of the main causes of premature aging.

Our skin is exposed to free radicals all day, every day. They're in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and even the water we drink. And while our bodies are good at protecting us from free radicals, over time they can take a toll on our skin. This is where Vitamin C comes in.

When applied to the skin, Vitamin C helps to neutralize free radicals and prevent them from causing damage. Vitamin C also helps to boost collagen production, which is the main structural protein in our skin. This means that Vitamin C can help to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and give your skin a more youthful appearance.

So, should you be using a Vitamin C serum? Absolutely! Our Bossa Skincare Vitamin C15 serum is packed with 15% Vitamin C, and it's a great way to improve the appearance of your skin and boost the antioxidant protection. It is formulated with Kakadu Plum, which is the world's richest source of Vitamin C, and it also contains Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid, which work together to further protect your skin from free radical damage.

Our serum will brighten up your complexion and Vitamin C is a tyrosinase inhibitor, which means it can help to reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone. Vitamin C is also an anti-inflammatory, so it can help to calm and soothe your skin.


Step #5 Morning Bossa Ritual

Protect your skin against sun damage & free radicals with this Bossa Vitamin C15. It’s a lightweight serum that contains 15% Vitamin C. It’s gentle to your skin, making it a good addition to your daily skincare regimen. Vitamin C is also effective in reducing pigmentation and wrinkles. This serum will help make your dark spots and redness fade over time while keeping wrinkles, fine lines and any signs of ageing at bay. 

Moreover, Bossa Vitamin C15 contains Kakadu Plum, Hibiscus and Davidson Plum in a hydrating base. That delivers an ultimate skin-toning experience no matter your skin type. 

Key Ingredients

〰️15% Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate): Sodium ascorbyl phosphate is a stable, water-soluble form of vitamin C made from combining ascorbic acid with a phosphate and a salt, compounds which work with enzymes in skin to cleave (split) the ingredient and release pure ascorbic acid, which is the most researched form of vitamin C. Just like pure vitamin C, sodium ascorbyl phosphate functions as an antioxidant on and within skin. When used in higher than 10%, it is effective for brightening a dull skin tone, smoothing wrinkles, visibly firming skin, and reducing pigmentation.

〰️Kakadu Plum: Australian Kakadu Plum is known as one of the richest sources of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps protects your skin from oxidative stress and boosts radiance and luminosity.It also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

〰️Davidson Plum: Found in the Australian rainforest, Davidson Plum is a powerful regenerative and anti-aging ingredient for the skin. It promotes skin elasticity through encouraging collagen and elastin production, to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and make skin appear firm and plump.

〰️Hibiscus (Rosella Extract): Very powerful anti-ageing plant, Hibiscus has a magical reputation for increasing skin elasticity to give a stunning natural youth-boost. With the incredible ability to inhibit the activity of the enzyme elastase, which is responsible for breaking down our skin’s precious elastin, Hibiscus actively combats the ageing process by firming and lifting your skin.


  • Protects your skin against sun damage and free radicals
  • Increases collagen production
  • Fades dark spots & redness
  • Reduces signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines


The Best Natural Youth-boost Vitamin C You'll Ever Find!

This Vitamin C15 is my skincare favourite product!I've had incredible results since I've started using it. I describe it as a natural youth boost, as my skin has been visibly more firm and lifted.My skin pigmentation has drastically reduced and I now have a radiant and luminous skin tone!This Vitamin C is an absolute MUST HAVE PRODUCT!Do yourself a favour and try it, you won't be disappointed!

Val O.



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